Warsaw Bauhaus

*a cooperative organism cultivating progressive reSearch alternatives to the Art World involving art, performance, architecture, music, theatre, psychoreogeography, pataphysics, ecology, living science, slow fluxus technology, etc

~ Less Ego More Eco ~

de(Re)gemerate Art.7 Exhibition in Curie City

Warsaw Bauhaus is an interdisciplinary, cross-activity, pro-diversity NGO collective based in capital of Poland. We’re an evolving organism working in many fields on local and International level, including and mixing: art, design, architecture, literature, craft, theatre, performance art, video, photography and many others. Our goal is to identify and deeply examine social, biological, political, technical and artistic aspects of life by arranging various curatorial situations and projects.

To learn more about who we are and what we do, check ABOUT. For current affairs and words of constant research go for BLOG section. Feel free to explore our website, but if you’ll find a need for some answers to appearing questions, go for CONTACT and let’s talk about future!

Warsaw Bauhaus Team

Recreating Bauhaus performance in Curie City , dance : Tanz 23/24 (2021)