Face + Book

An on-going series of reading events and educational activities involving a living person and a book… “ Lock up your … Więcej


an evolving reCollective reSearch into an idea of a cure a curio a curiocity a curiosity The Curie Family ************** … Więcej


Exhibitions an on-going multi-disciplinary series of exhibitions prepared by artists, scientists, and practitioners of various disciplines. ” If we are … Więcej

Time Capsule

An ongoing program incubator of new texts for stage 2016- 2021 36 texts 77 performers and directors City Anthology 2020-2021

Post Fluxus

Post Fluxus Dada Pataphysica an on-going series of works involving  graphic scores, contextual word plays, photo-collages and other con/texts and … Więcej

Theatre Experiment

micro theater scores 9 minutes X 9 m2 readings borderline projects / improvised creative responses


  Architecture + Design an on-going series of projects re-adjusting the boundaries of architecture and design… ” To create, one … Więcej