Eco Domus Expo @ Gropius Granary: Project in Process

Eco Domus Expo @ Gropius Granary: Project in process

This is our program which we hope to implement at the site of the Gropius Granary at Jankowo Pomorskie starting 2023

1. – to initiate an accessible forum, which would act as an exchange platform dedicated to practical and theoretical research of eco, modular and economically balanced architecture focused on the idea of an autonomous, independent and self-sustaining  co-live/work shelter and habitat reconsidering rural, urban and natural landscapes…

2. – to invite into co-operative process diverse body of international partners including  educational and cultural institutions, architectural organizations, eco-friendly design-built studios,  research centers, eco-industry / eco-media including professionals, students, entrepreneurs, innovators and other eco-home practitioners and theoreticians, insiders and outsiders.

3. – to create an evolving library / reading room collection related to important individual contributors on the subject such as  Bucky Fuller, Charlotte Perriand, Marie Meloney, Robert Owen, Walter Gropius, Renzo Piano/RPBW, Rural Studio,  Shigeru Ban Studio, Maya Lin Studio, and many Others.

4. – to sustain diverse, multidisciplinary out-reach / exchange program concerned with an autonomous, independent and self-sustaining shelter and habitat considering conservation, preservation, pluralism, adaptive reuse and co-op environments.

5. – to cultivate an evolving  series of cost-effective (p)articipatory meetings regarding design practice essentials involving Bauhaus, Black Mountain College, First Things First Manifesto, History of Housing Exhibitions, The Woman’s Building and Others…

6. – to develop democratic ( accessible and co-operative ) realization process for Eco Domus Expo at the Gropius Grainary.

7. – to form an evolving eco village of small architecture at the Gropius Granary, reimagining the idea and the context of historical national pavilion.

8. – to propose cost-effective exhibition alternatives: from suitcase dioramas, outdoor architectural panels, miniature models to full scale self-sustainable pavilions ( 3m x 3m x 3m ) and experimental structures and shelters.






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